Image Gallery

This page showcases my sketches and pictures that was created for ideas on websites and new games:

Designs For a Modified Deck of Cards

These images are based on an idea for a new deck of playing cards. The deck contains 110 playing cards, and it contains 22 different cards for each of the four french suits, and the 22 tarot trumps. The four french suits will each have a joker, an ace, card ranks from 2 to 15, a banner (based on the Swiss deck), a jack, a knight, a princess, a queen, and a king. This deck will open up to new ideas on new card games and variations.

Below is my sketches of the court cards.

The sketches of the court cards are based on the Paris Pattern style as seen on most decks of cards in France. Below is what the sketches look like when drawn with computer software. These were done with Flash CS5.