Targeting an entry-level or internship opportunity as a Web Designer/Web Developer, Programmer, or Graphic Designer.


Graduated from ECPI University on July 24, 2011 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and Information Science.
GPA is 3.2 on a 4.0 scale for all completed undergraduate courses.

Obtained a degree Associate in Applied Science, Information Systems Technology, Major in Web Programming.
This knowledge will help provide assistance in designing, developing, testing and technical management of websites and Internet system.

Worked at the computer lab as a Computer Lab Assistant ,while taking classes for an Associate Degree in John Tyler Community College.
As a Computer Lab Assistant the task was to provide technical advice and assistance to students working in the computer lab, and also help resolve simple computer software and hardware problems by utilizing user manuals and researching the internet.

Had an externship with the Computer Lab at Hampton University, while taking classes for my Bachelor's degree at ECPI University.
Some of the work that was done during the externship was helping to set up computer networks at the university library, and help configure new computers with Microsoft Windows and associated software applications such as Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel and Access.

Currently looking for an entry level position with training programs geared toward a career in computer science.
Eager to work with the latest software and learn leading edge development tools.